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WeBWorK--IMathAS Spring 2024

Edited by Hsiang-Ping Huang, The fastest way to reach me is via email.
Office Hours: Zoom 470 318 2733, by appointment.
Please email me one day in advance to secure a 15-min appointment.
The article on MAA Focus might be a quick guide to understand how WeBWork works. MAA Focus Oct/Nov 2010, P18-19
This page lists the courses that are using our WeBWorK servers this semester and their instructors.

Links to Login pages

Clicking on your course number gets you to the login page for your course.

  Course  Teacher  Server  
  1050-301     S Pathek     1
  1050-302     S Pathek     1
  1210-16     M Cecil     1  
  1210-23     P Alfeld     1  
  1210-70     H El-Gendy     1  
  1210-90     S Tan     1  
  1220-2     K Bromberg     1  
  1220-3     K Golden     1  
  1220-4     K Bromberg     1  
  1220-5     E Arvidsson     1  
  1220-6     S Crawford     1  
  1220-90     A Fayolle     1  
  1310-301     HW Lee     1  
  1320-301     HW Lee     1  
  2210-2     B Kim     1  
  2210-90     M Cecil     1  
  2270-1     S Maitra     1  
  2270-6     D Guerra     1  
  IMathAS     1010, 1050, 1060, 1080, 1090     2  


More Links for Students

The primary purpose of WeBWorK is to let you know that you are getting the correct answer or to alert you if you are making some kind of mistake. Usually you can attempt a problem as many times as you want before the due date. However, if you are having trouble figuring out your error, you should consult the book, or ask a fellow student, one of the TA's or your professor for help. Don't spend a lot of time guessing -- it's not very efficient or effective.
Give 4 or 5 significant digits for (floating point) numerical answers. For most problems when entering numerical answers, you can if you wish enter elementary expressions. Here's the list of the functions which WeBWorK understands.
You can use the Feedback button on each problem page to send e-mail to the professors.
WeBWorK summary for students is a must-read!