University of Utah SIAM Chapter Presents: Utah's Next Top Model

Information Sessions: 10/25, 2:00 PM

Information Session Video:

Please join us for the second annual University of Utah SIAM chapter modeling competition. The competition will take place on November 17th-19th. This competition consists of a team of three or four undergraduates who will then create, analyze, and write a report on a mathematical model for an open-ended real world problem over the span of a weekend. This competition is an opportunity to combine your mathematical skills and creativity. A full set of rules can be found here. Graduate students in the Department of Mathematics will then judge the reports on merits such as practicality of the model, and clarity of the report.

The top teams from the competition will be sponsored by the University of Utah chapter of SIAM to compete in the International MCM Competition organized by COMAP. Students from all over the world participate in this contest! For both the local and the international contests, no travel is required and you can use any resources.

We will be holding information sessions on October 25 to go into more detail on the requirements and resources students will need to compete in our competition.

We recommend students have taken calculus 3 or be in calculus 3 to participate.

You can register as a team or as an individual, if you register as an individual we will match you with a team. If you are registering as a team please include the name of your teammates. If you only have two teammates we will match you with a third participant. The registration form can be found here .