Math 3210 § 2  Foundations of Analysis I  Spring 2014    This page is under construction.

Main Lecture

          LocationNS 205
TimeMTWF  11:50 am - 12:40 pm    
InstructorAndrejs Treibergs
OfficeJWB 224

Syllabus for Math 3210 §2, .pdf

Calendar for Math 3210 §2.

Homework for Math 3210 § 2.

          HW ReaderJoshua Keeler 

Homework is due Fridays. If you are unable to turn in homework during class, you may still turn it in on time by putting it in the grader's box in JWB 228 before he leaves Fridays, at about 2:50pm.

Math 3210 Supplementary Material: Daily Handouts, Practice Tests, Solutions

Mathematics Center

The math department's undergraduate computer lab is located in the T. Benny Rushing Mathematics Center. The details of the Math Center can be found at

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